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Common Causes for Malfunctioning Cooling Systems Tips from Your Air Conditioner Repair Experts in Mississauga

It’s the peak of summer and your weekends are filled with lakeside cottage trips, park picnics and attending or hosting backyard barbecues. Imagine if after a hot, sunny day outdoors, you enter your home only to discover that your air conditioner (AC) has stopped functioning. While you may brush this off as just an unpleasant thought, it is a real possibility. In fact, it is quite common to hear about furnaces breaking down on the coolest day of the year and AC outages on the hottest days.

There are several reasons why your air conditioning may malfunction. For some minor issues, you can simply roll up your sleeves and fix the problem, while certain other issues may warrant bringing in a professional air conditioner repair service. Here’s a list of probable causes that will help you prevent your AC from breaking down and also indicate when to call in the experts.

Top 6 Reasons for Breakdowns in Air Conditioning Systems

1. Clogged Air Filter: One of the most common and easy to fix issues is a dirty AC filter. General house dust and pet hair can clog the filter and decrease the efficiency of the AC unit. Ideally, for central ACs, replace the air filter every month, whereas for independent units, simply clean the filter under running water on a regular basis.
2. Broken Fan: The fan within your external AC unit extracts and blows out the heat from inside your home. In case the fan is broken, your heat transfer is affected, causing the AC to overheat or trip the safety overload. If this problem remains undetected and the unit remains in operation, it can potentially lead to more expensive issues such as compressor damage.
3. Blocked Compressor: When the compressor does not have adequate space around it, the cooling efficiency may take a beating. Ideally, there should be at least two to three feet of space between the unit and any other structures such as walls, beams or plants. Similarly, there should be a minimum of 5 feet of clearance above the unit. If you see any potential blockages such as overgrown shrubs around your unit, be sure to clear them up before the onset of summer.
4. Low Refrigerant or Frozen Coil: Refrigerant is the component that cools the air that comes out of your air conditioner. In case of a leak or problem with your unit, the refrigerant levels run low and impact the cooling. It may also cause the coils inside the unit to freeze. However, since refrigerant is risky for the environment, you should always call in a certified and trained AC specialist to evaluate and fix any leaks.
5. Faulty Thermostat: An old or faulty thermostat will show you incorrect temperatures and on-off cycles, placing unnecessary pressure on the compressor unit. Consider upgrading your thermostat to one of the more modern, digital options, some of which can also be controlled remotely through a smartphone.

6. Missed Maintenance Appointment: Like any major electronic unit, your AC needs to be serviced and maintained at least once a year. The service technicians usually check your unit for any broken parts, bad wiring, or leakages and top-up the coolant levels as part of the routine maintenance appointment. If you miss a service, not only will current or potential problems go undetected, but you may also have to bear costly repairs and unnecessary discomfort on a hot, summer day.

Air Conditioner Repairs and Services in Mississauga

Whether you need to fix an existing issue with your air conditioning or you are evaluating options for AC maintenance services, look no further than Mississauga’s AC experts, Aire One Heating and Cooling. Our qualified and reliable technicians will help you bid goodbye to sweaty nights and enjoy a cool, comfortable home throughout the season. 

For any AC installation, repairs or maintenance services, call us at 905-564-8545 or contact us online. We offer regular and 24-hour emergency services in Mississauga and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

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