Air conditioner maintenance in Mississauga Ontario

Can You Optimize the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner? Tips from Your Local Heating and Cooling Experts in Mississauga

Your current air conditioner seems to cost more and more each year. While you might think a replacement is the only option, you may still have a few tricks up your sleeve to unlock better efficiency first.

If it does turn out you need to replace your air conditioner, you have plenty of options that will help you get a unit that is energy efficient without hurting your budget in the new year.

Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

It does not matter how old your unit is; there are always a few things you can try to see if you might improve efficiency before you replace it.

• Consider Your Attic Insulation: In the summer, your attic turns from a dusty storage place to an oven. It houses all the heat from direct sunlight, and in return makes your air conditioner work harder than necessary. To thwart this process, consider installing better insulation so that cold air remains in the attic and hot air stays outside where it belongs.
• Use Quality Blinds and Window Treatments: You want to embrace the sunlight from outside and utilize your windows, but when you have the hot sunlight beaming in through those windows, you are increasing internal temperatures and decreasing AC efficiency. Consider installing energy-efficient window coverings, including those that block heat and UV rays. When the sun is focused on that side of the house, close your blinds to keep the interior cooler.
• Check Your Furnace Filter: A dirty filter increases the effort required by your AC, which means higher cooling costs. Replace your filter regularly and check it once a month to be sure it does not require a replacement.

• Consider Maintenance: If you have not had your air conditioner serviced in Mississauga in a while, it could be the reason you have lost some efficiency. A tune-up, which is typically done before the summer season, will take care of cleaning, inspection, and replacement of any components that are forcing your AC costs to rise. Also keep in mind that the better maintained your unit, the longer it will last you – saving you on the hassles and costs of a replacement.

• Check Your Settings: Thermostat settings might also be the issue. Your air conditioner could be running too often while you are away, which is wasted energy. Program it for ‘Away’ and ‘Home’ modes so that you can optimize energy consumption.

Need a New Air Conditioner Installation in Mississauga? Call Aire One

Sometimes, your high energy bill boils down to an AC unit that is too old. When replacement costs creep up past the value of the unit, or your air conditioner is already nearing the end of its life, an upgrade is better.

It is best to install one before spring. Doing so means you are not fighting against the crowds installing in the middle of the summer heat and waiting weeks to have your unit installed too.
To get started, schedule a consultation with a technician from Aire One Heating and Cooling. We will help identify potential causes of loss of efficiency, and we can offer an estimate to replace your aging unit if the time has finally come to change it.

Schedule your consultation or air conditioner repair in Mississauga today by calling us at 905-564-8545. You can also contact us online.

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