Making Sure Your AC Is Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner! Is your AC unit in tip-top shape so it can offer economical and trouble-free service all season long? Here are some quick and easy things to check and steps you can take to make sure that it is.

· Filters. You should be cleaning or replacing the air-handler filters of your AC unit on average two times a year. A dirty filter means your AC unit is not running efficiently, and could possibly be recirculating dirty air in your home. If you don’t know how to do this or you’re unsure of the state of your air filter, contact a service provider like those that work at Aire One for a low-cost annual air conditioner maintenance package.

· Clean the outdoor condenser. The condenser is one of the main components of your AC unit, and since these are located outside of a home, they can get dirty! As such, you’ll want to clean this at least once a year by doing the following:

  • Carefully remove the side and top panels of the condenser unit so as not to yank any wires.
  • Clean the outside of the coils using a vacuum and a soft brush without bending the delicate fins or damaging the coils, then vacuum the inside surface of the coils. 
  • Blast stubborn dirt and debris from the coils with a strong, focused stream of water from your garden hose, while making sure that none of the electrical components get wet and none of the fins are bent. Spray from the inside out only! 
  • Remove weeds that may block airflow, and wipe up any standing water before reassembling the condenser.

· Check coolant lines. Coolant lines run from the condenser to the evaporator on the air handler in your home’s basement. If any of these lines look damaged, be sure to replace them to ensure that your unit is cooling your home at its full capacity.

Note that prior to doing any work, you should ensure you’re inspecting your AC safely first! Before beginning any of these steps, make sure to switch off its breaker in your electrical panel and in the weatherproof disconnect box near the condenser. Your condenser also has a component called a capacitor which can store an electrical charge for up to thirty minutes. To avoid shocks, let the AC unit sit for at least an hour after shutting off the power to let the power dissipate.

For any further questions regarding air conditioner repair and maintenance in Mississauga, call us at Aire One Heating & Cooling today! Similarly, if you’re too busy or don’t feel prepared to handle the maintenance requirements of your AC unit, call our local HVAC technicians for all your air conditioner repair and maintenance needs. We’re Ontario’s largest independent heating and cooling company with nine locations to serve you.

Let us help you stay cool and comfortable this summer!

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