Furnace installation in Mississauga Ontario

Thinking of Buying a New Furnace for Your Home? A Shopping Primer for Furnace Installations in Mississauga Homes

You have reached the decision that you are ready to replace your home’s furnace. Not only are you on the path to a more comfortable home, but potential savings too. Your new furnace is more likely to save on annual heating and cooling in Mississauga, which means it might eventually pay for itself.

Before you dive in and pick any furnace that looks right, consider your options, how to properly size one, and what you can expect to pay. Also, do not forget that you still have options for rebates and energy programs here in Ontario, but there are cut-off dates and requirements for the type of furnace you can install.

If interested in rebates, look up your area, then the type of Energy Star system you need. Ontario, for example, offers rebates for variable speed ECMs.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide When Considering a New Furnace

1. What types of furnaces are there? Furnaces come in various shapes, models, and sizes. The first decision you must make is the type of furnace you want. Gas furnaces are incredibly energy-efficient, and when you purchase a forced air gas unit, you have cool air that is brought into the furnace, heated, then distributed into your home. Look for one with an AFUE rating of 90 to 97 percent to get a better return on your investment. If you opt for an oil forced air furnace, you want an AFUE of 85 percent or higher. Another option is the gas or oil boiler. These are found in older homes and heat by circulating the air through radiators. You want an AFUE of 85 percent or higher for good efficiency.
2. What size furnace do I need in my home? Size is important. An appropriately sized furnace will heat your home efficiently without using too much energy. It is best to leave sizing to a professional because they can assess your home’s square footage, rooms that require heat, current ventilation, and the number of return vents you have. When you do not consider all of these factors, you are more likely to overpay for a furnace too big, or accidentally purchase a furnace too small.

3. How much should I expect to pay for a furnace upgrade? Furnaces vary in prices. All are an investment, but a good one that eventually can pay you back. Not only do you save on monthly heating costs, but you might reduce allergens in your home when you upgrade to a furnace that can use HEPA filters. Discuss your various sizes and options with a technician from Aire One Heating and Cooling, and let us help you find a furnace that works for your heating needs, but also your budget.

Ready to Upgrade? Speak with the Pros in Heating and Cooling in Mississauga

If you would like a no-obligation quote for upgrading your home’s heating, give the team at Aire One Heating and Cooling a call. We will dispatch a sales technician to your home for an assessment to find the right size, type, and price point for your upgrade. We can also explore rebate program options and you might qualify to save even more.

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