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Get the most out of your heating and cooling systems while keeping your family and home secure. Aire One Heating and Cooling invites you to read our blog for valuable information and helpful tips about a range of topics from furnace safety to indoor air quality. Check this page regularly for the latest posts. If you have specific questions about equipment installation, service or repairs, call us today in the GTA.

  • Furnace maintenance in Mississauga Ontario
    Don’t Get Caught in the Cold this Winter

    Why You Should Book Your Regular Furnace Service in Mississauga

    We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is over, and the nights are quickly getting cold. If you haven’t already turned on your furnace, the chances are, you’ll have to soon. In the winter, one of the things you depend on most of all is your furnace keeping your house nice and warm. Having to fix it at the last moment, or worse, replace it entirely, is something you’ll want to avoid when it’s -30C outside.

    Aire One Heating and Cooling brings almost 30 years of expert HVAC training and knowledge to you. We make it our mission to keep our clients in Mississauga and the GTA warm this winter with an HVAC system that is reliable, efficient and safe.

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  • air cleaners in Mississauga Ontario
    Replace Air Filters Frequently to Prevent Health Issues and Keep Energy Bills Low

    Tips from Air Cleaning Experts in Mississauga

    Indoor pollution is considered one of the top 5 environmental health risks. For good quality indoor air, it is important to keep your home free of pollution by maintaining and replacing air cleaners often. 

    Air filters play a major role in maintaining your HVAC system’s health. They ensure optimum performance of your heating and cooling units by keeping dirt and dust out. Replacing them often is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve indoor air quality and keep energy bills low in your Mississauga home.

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  • smoke detector
    Your heating and cooling winter checklist

    HVAC units are designed to be tough. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do everything you can to protect your investment from harsh weather conditions. As we all know, making sure that your furnace and air conditioner are always in the best condition is particularly important to residents who live in Mississauga and throughout the GTA.

    It’s never too early to start preparing your heating and cooling systems for another Mississauga winter. Here are six points to have on your winter preparation checklist:

    Preparing your furnace

    Clean and inspect filters and ducts
    One of the easiest tasks you can do is to inspect your furnace and ducts to make sure everything is clean and intact before you need them. Dust, debris, or any cracks can lead to a loss of efficiency for your system. Any dirty filters should be cleaned or replaced to ensure proper functioning.
    Furnace Tune-up
    Having a maintenance done on your furnace is essential, by getting your furnace maintain you'll maintain the maximum efficiency rating, getting all sensors cleaned on your furnace prevent malfunctioning in the middle of a cold snap and prevents high cost of service calls in a cold winter night.
    Check carbon-monoxide detectors
    Keeping your loved ones safe should always be your first priority. Even if you think everything is in working order, ventilation problems can still exist. You should regularly check that your carbon-monoxide detectors are functioning properly to detect any problems.

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  • 20/07/2017
    Making Sure Your AC Is Summer Ready

    Summer is just around the corner! Is your AC unit in tip-top shape so it can offer economical and trouble-free service all season long? Here are some quick and easy things to check and steps you can take to make sure that it is.

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  • 20/07/2017
    Top Tips for Efficiently Heating and Cooling Your Home

    Heating and cooling is typically the largest energy drain for homeowners in Mississauga and throughout the GTA. In fact, heating and cooling for most Canadian homeowners accounts for nearly 50% of total household energy expenditure. Not only might this increase each household’s carbon footprint, but it can also be quite costly for homeowners. Thankfully, there are a number of measures you can take to more efficiently heat and cool your home.

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