Specialized Air Cleaner Services from Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling

Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling are the perfect answer for Air Quality issues inside your home or for commercial purposes as well. By utilizing Certified and trusted filtration methods, our air cleaners expel dust particles as well as scents and gases.

In Commercial Buildings, for example, Manufacturing plants, Hospitals, Warehouses and Food and Beverage Production offices, air quality issues can not be comprehended via Air Purifiers that have been created for your home condition. Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling Air Cleaners have been uniquely intended for Commercial situations.

With bigger residue holding limits than other Air Cleaners, we ensure execution and item life. Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling Air Cleaners use the advanced channels and Fine Filters that have been produced for your HVAC framework and hold fast to all the measures required. Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling air Cleaners are intended to enhance your HVAC framework to secure your kin, items and procedures yet in addition Reduce Energy Consumption.

Our expert gas phase filtration services

Gas phase filtration utilizes an assortment of filtration media, for example, altered zeolite, actuated carbon, and impregnated enacted alumina. Gas stage filtration is an imperceptible danger that causes a large number of dollars in harms each year.

To keep away from the expense of supplanting eroded PCs/servers, and vacation because of breaking down gear—it is essential to guarantee destructive gases are oxidized and made innocuous. Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling ensures to offer diverse and supreme quality services so that our customers don’t have to worry ever.

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We are available throughout Canada

We are proud that we deliver our top-notch air cleaner services in the major cities of Canada that includes-

  • Mississauga
  • Etobicoke
  • Brampton
  • Milton
  • Georgetown
  • Caledon
  • Bolton

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