Follow These 4 HVAC Tips & Save On Energy Bills

Are you afraid of paying huge energy bills for your HVAC unit? Is your HVAC draining your pocket? If yes, it may be in need of maintenance and cleaning. Along with improving the cooling and comfort, HVAC maintenance helps in managing the energy bills and saving a few bucks. Some of the tips to follow are:

  • Clean The HVAC Unit
    Since some of these units are installed outdoors, they accumulate dirt and debris quite often. The dirtier the unit is, the harder it will work to provide adequate cooling. Cleaning the coils at least once before the starting of the summer season can greatly help in limiting the utility costs and energy consumption.
  • Replace The Filters
    Filters are designed to perform a dual function- that is to keep your HVAC unit clean and also to keep the dust and allergens at bay. To save money on your heating and cooling bill, the best step to take is to keep the filters and related components working and clean. Consider changing the filter every two months.
  • Seal The Windows
    If your home consists of drafty doors or windows, make sure you close and seal them to prevent the cool air from escaping. If possible, consider swapping the normal window panes with energy efficient double panes. Also, you can cover the windows with plastic or seal cracks with caulking to improve energy efficiency and cut down on utility bills.
  • Schedule Maintenance
    To avoid costly repairs and unwanted replacements, get your HVAC unit maintained by professionals. By booking an annual inspection and maintenance service, you can end up saving money as some faults can get repaired right on the spot.

So, these are some common yet easy tips to follow that can help you in saving repair costs and also reduce utility or energy bills. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company for air conditioner installation or repair, feel free to call our professionals at Aire One Peel.