4 Easy & Quick Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality and health is one of the most critical environmental dangers in the 21st century. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that about 7 million people die every year because of bad air quality. This takes a toll on the respiratory, circulatory, and neurovascular systems.

Even more recent studies show that this minor matter of poor indoor air quality has several other impacts on mental well-being, neurodegenerative, and mood disorders.

We think that pollution is only in the outer environment because of the smoke, ozone layer, dust, and haze lingering in the air. But, the reality is that the air inside your home might be as polluted as outside, or even more. Perhaps, it is formaldehyde, radon, dire retardants, and other volatile chemicals that are used in conventional cleaners. Pollutants can easily track inside the home- via furniture, mattresses, carpet cleaners, paint coats on the walls, etc.

Here are 4 simple steps to improve the indoor air quality of your house or office:

4 Easy & Quick Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Keep the Floors Fresh
Know that the chemicals and the allergens can come into the house and remain there for decades. Using a HEPA vacuum filter, you can lessen the concentrations of the unwanted impurities inside the home. House owners can even get rid of other contaminants like brominated fire-retardant chemicals, pet danders, pollen, and dust mites.

Keep a Healthy Humidity Level
All the dust mites and molds love moisture. If you do not have a balanced level of humidity, the molds will continue to develop further in the house. Thus, controlling the humidity of the premises will help in controlling about 30-50% of the allergens in control. A dehumidifier can help greatly in this regard.

Keep Home a No-smoking Zone
We all know how harmful the smoke is for the ones smoking. But the smoke released in the air remains suspended in the air. This further deteriorates the indoor air quality of the house. Passive smokers suffer equal troubles with the carcinogens in the air. All these expose the children in the house to develop ear infections and respiratory infections, for example- cancer, asthma, and sudden infant deaths.

Keep Some House Plants
Make use of house plants in the home to keep the air inside fresh. When the contaminants or the pollutants are released into the air, the plants can help in reviving the air quality. The plants trap the harmful toxins and eliminate the common chemical compounds. Some of the most popular and effective house plants are snake plant, spider plant, weeping fig, rubber tree, and peace lily.

The Bottom Line
Indoor air pollution is responsible for a wide number of mental and physical health issues. In order to mitigate the impacts of the pollution, one needs to improve the natural ventilation, make use of dehumidifiers, include house plants, and prefer more therapeutic treatment tools.

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AC Outside Unit Won’t Turn On. Here’s Why?

AC is a must with the kind of humid and hot weather in store for the summer. So, when you are stuck in the home, you turn on your air conditoner system, but it is not working as it should.

It has been operating for quite a long time and it is not getting cooler inside. After trying your best to find the reason, you find out that the outside unit of the air conditioner is not running. What is the reason behind that?

Reasons Why Outside Unit is not working

Thermostat is disturbed
You should know that you need to set the thermostat to cool in order for it to work. Try reducing the temperature to 5 degrees below the inside temperature. See if the outside unit starts running.

Look for Tripped Breaker
If you see that the breaker is tripped in the electrical panel, then reset it. It’s good if the outside system starts working, but if it doesn’t then let the professionals tackle it.

Is the Condensate Line Clear?
Every internal AC unit has a pan beneath the system to catch the run-off. With it, a drain line is attached that carries the water to the nearest drain. If that line is clogged, then it could cause the unit to shut off.

Check the Shut-off Switch
Remember to check both shut-off switches, inside and outside. There are chances that the power might be cut from the exterior system. Make sure that they are in the “on” position for the units to work properly as expected.

Go for the Reset Button
At times the simplest solutions are the answers, So, try resetting the settings on the system. If you do not have a reset button, then you can switch off the thermostat button and wait for about 5-10 minutes.

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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With An Air Purifier

If you want to breathe in healthy and hygienic air, investing in an air purifier will significantly improve indoor air quality. No matter if you are planning to install it in your home or office space, it boasts impressive health benefits by reducing the potential allergens, smoke, and airborne pollutants.

There are many varieties of air purifiers available in the market, and each of them works by pulling in the air, removing the particles or pollutants, and expelling the clean air. The performance of an air purifier depends on the factors including:

  • The power rating of the air purifier.
  • The particle rating for the filter.
  • The speed it can pull in and cycle air.
  • The volume an air purifier is rated for.

Benefits of Installing An Air Purifier

Cleaner Air: Air purifiers simply improve the quality of indoor air and make it much cleaner by removing contaminants.

Healthier Air: Air purifiers with germicidal capability ensure health and hygiene and prevent the spread of airborne germs and microbes.

No More Odors: By trapping the airborne particles, air purifiers help control odors and make sure your home smells pleasant like a breeze.

Allergy Control: If you think that your home is more prone to fumes, dust, or other allergens, turning on the air purifier will keep them at bay.

No Dust Buildup: By turning on an air purifier for at least two hours a day, unwanted dirt and dust buildup can be prevented to a great extent.

To improve the efficiency of an air purifier, consider keeping the doors and windows closed or simply prevent fresh air circulation. If you are planning to buy a new air purifier from a leading brand, contact our HVAC experts for service. We specialize in repairing and maintaining indoor air quality systems, ventilators, humidifiers, and air conditioners.

Reduce Your AC Bill This Summer- Follow These 5 Tips!

While you might be preparing to deal with the summer heat by installing an AC, you might not be aware of the high utility bills that come along. Homeowners usually forget about the bills until they are charged with a hefty amount. Thankfully there are certain tips you can follow to significantly reduce the bills along with improving energy efficiency.

Some of the steps to follow for reducing your AC bill are:

  • Close The Windows
    If your house has a lot of windows, make sure all of them are closed and sealed. This won’t allow the cool air to escape outside and hot air to penetrate inside. Also, this will increase the efficiency of an air conditioner and you won’t have to run it for longer.
  • Keep The Fans On
    Though most of the people believe that fans can reduce the efficiency of an air condition, truth is that it works the opposite. Keeping the ceiling fans on along with an AC will circulate the cool air all around and enhance the energy efficiency.
  • Replace The Old Air Filters
    Air filters play a role in the proper flow of cool air. They accumulate dirt and other pollutants over time that triggers and reduces the air flow. To make sure your AC performs stress-free and maintains proper air circulation, consider replacing the old filters with new ones.
  • Insulate Your Indoors
    Insulation plays a significant role in keeping the heat out and improves energy efficiency. By getting your home, windows, attics, and walls insulated by professionals, you can enjoy the benefits of lower utility bills and improved cooling.
  • Get Your AC Serviced
    To avoid unwanted repair costs and to make sure your appliance works efficiently, it’s important to get it serviced from time to time by expert AC repair technicians. This can help in preventing the unnecessary strain on your air conditioning unit and results in comparatively low energy costs.

So, these are the few tips that can help in reducing the AC bills to a good extent. If you want to hire professionals for AC installation and maintenance, feel free to contact us at Aire One Peel.

Did your AC break down? Here is what you should do

Take a pause and a deep breath. We understand that it is natural to panic now. And, you are more than in a hurry to have that machine up and running to beat the summer heat. But, you are advised to not make any decision in a rush and end up making a hole in your pockets.

If you are in search of professional help, call up the technicians of Aire One Peel. The professionals here are experienced and have years of expertise in helping with all kinds of needs. Whether it is AC installation or regular service, they have skills in all. All you need is to place a call and update your concern to them.

Coming back to the topic, if your ac broke down, you need to follow some simple and possible steps.

Leave the system alone

We empathize with you and the sudden boost of the urge to play with all the buttons, switches, and levers to make that machine work somehow. But, do not do this. You are not a professional and any wrong click or hit can ruin the machine and electrical wiring altogether. This is one of the best pieces of advice ever. Leaving it alone is the best solution until you are an actual service technician.
Stay cool and keep hydrated

If your AC broke down, then you need not panic. It is best to take care of yourself. We know you were not ready for the breakdown when it feels to be the hottest time of the year. Make sure that you take up enough fluids to stay hydrated. Taking care of oneself no matter the situation is highly important. Make sure this air conditioner breaking down does not take a toll on your health.

Explore your options

Now, it can be some minor fault that you are not able to put your eye on. Or, maybe the air conditioner is just beyond repair. Think of it as a time to upgrade your air conditioner. Make sure to choose the one that brings comfort and is good for your budget. Explore the options based upon your needs, your budget, and the brands you prefer. Talk to a professional to get better advice on the system that will meet all your cooling needs.

Stop this from happening next time

Learning from the past is what we humans are good at. So, if there was something that can be prevented, take this as a lesson. Your air conditioner needs attention but not too much. Do not fiddle with the system too much to only end up damaging it. Make sure that you take care of all the troubles that your system faced and you prevent them from happening in the future.

Consequences Of Not Changing Your AC Filter On Time

When it comes to AC maintenance, ignoring the filter can turn out to be a horrible mistake. Not cleaning or changing your air conditioner filter can cause quite a few issues that may even need a replacement of the AC.

The primary function of an AC filter is not to purify the air but to trap the dust, pollen, allergens, and other tiny particulates. High Energy Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the most preferred ones for ACs, and they too need to be replaced every other year based on your appliance usage.

Not changing the filter on time may cause the following problems:

  • Restricted Airflow
    In an old filter, dust and contaminants are usually accumulated in a large amount that can further pass onto the blower fans and air ducts. This can disrupt the airflow, which in turn will degrade the AC performance and air distribution.
  • Inadequate Cooling
    Since a dirty filter may cause particles and dirt to settle in the cooling coils, the chances of frost buildup on coils and fans may increase. This can affect the air conditioner’s performance and result in inadequate cooling. By replacing the air filter, this problem can be avoided.
  • Damages The AC
    Changing the air filters on time can increase the life expectancy of your air conditioner by 3-5 years. As dust and other contaminants strain the components as well as the functionality of your unit, it’s crucial to change clogged HEPA filters on time to prevent damage to the air conditioner.
  • Moisture & Mold Growth
    Improperly cleaned air filters can result in frost buildup that further increases the risk of moisture and mold growth. Even high-quality HEPA filters need to be cleaned and replaced to avoid any health risks and allergies.

By scheduling regular maintenance from expert technicians at Aire One Peel, the above stated issues caused by unclean air filters can be greatly avoided. If your HEPA filters are old enough and you are facing any of the problems discussed here, feel free to call our team for AC air filter replacement.

Benefits Of Calling A Professional AC Repair Company For Service

DIY repairs may help you save money but may put you and your appliance’s safety at risk. Though there are many AC repair companies around you that promote themselves to be the most reliable ones, selecting the real and trusted ones is a tedious task.

To avoid falling victim to a fraud company, focus on getting the services of a trustworthy company having years of experience and a good industry reputation. For your reference, here are some benefits you can get by hiring the right company to get your AC repaired:

  • Quick Diagnosis & Repairs
    When you hire the services of experts, there are high chances that they’ll find the root problem just by looking at the appliance or your complaint. A reliable AC repair technician can help in letting you know all the bugs or faults an air conditioner is displaying. All reputable appliance companies have a team of experts who are always ready and efficient enough to locate the fault and schedule quick quality repairs.
  • Responsive Customer Service
    Since an AC can become faulty all of a sudden, at any time of the day or night, a reputable air conditioner repair company that remains at service 24 hours a day to provide emergency AC repairs is crucial. This means, when you choose a reliable AC repair company, you can enjoy responsive customer service anytime you want.
  • Affordable Repair Plans
    The repair services offered by the highly regarded companies are generally affordable as they usually have some plans and discounts to woo their customers. To help save money and time on costly air conditioner repairs, it’s better to seek the assistance of a reliable AC repair technician working at a reputable company.

So, these were a few benefits you can enjoy by hiring the services of a professional. There are many more advantages you can receive such as emergency repairs, spare parts assistance, and alot more. If you are looking for a trustworthy appliance repair company in the Ontario region, feel free to call the professionals at Aire One Peel.

Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air? Look For These Trigger Signs

Nothing can provide better comfort and convenience on a hot day other than an air conditioner. But, what if you turn on the AC and it starts blowing warm air? This may be an alarm sign that your unit is not in proper shape and needs to be inspected by a professional. The triggers responsible for blowing warm air are:

  • Thermostat Problem
    If your AC is blowing warm air, a thermostat is the first element to be examined. Turn it off and turn it on again and again. If this results in no difference, it’s time to call an AC repair technician at Aire One Peel.
  • Low Refrigerant
    Refrigerant absorbs the heat and helps keep the air cool and crisp. If the refrigerant is low, the condenser won’t be able to cool down any more air, thereby blowing out the hot air. Should you suspect that the refrigerant levels are low, call a technician right away.
  • Dirty Coils
    Both evaporator and condenser coils play a role in keeping the warm air away. If there is any dust or debris stuck in the coils, the flow of the warm air that is needed to be pushed out will get obstructed or may even bounce back, resulting in warm airflow. The best option is to schedule an air conditioner cleaning service by professionals.
  • Electrical Issues
    Air conditioning units require high voltage and a lot of power to operate. If your circuit breaker blows off or starts malfunctioning, the AC will stop working. Since your unit won’t be able to process the cold air, it will exhibit hot and warm air. To prevent this problem, keep inspecting the circuit breaker at periodic intervals.

So, stated above are some of the trigger points that may cause your air conditioner to malfunction and blow out hot air. To avoid this problem, it’s important to schedule proper AC maintenance and repair from technicians at Aire One Peel.

3 Hidden Causes Behind A Failed Air Conditioning Unit

Just like all other appliances, air conditioning units are the ones that often fail when they are needed the most. The common time when these units often fail or breakdown is in the summer months. Though there can be many reasons behind it, neglecting maintenance and ignoring the repair signs are the ones that are to be blamed the most.

At Aire One Peel, our team doesn’t want homeowners to deal with this inconvenience and encourages them to keep aware of the potential signs to look for in a failing AC. Listed below are some top causes:

  • Refrigerant Problems
    When an air conditioner no longer releases cold air, the reasons may be the leaking or malfunctioning coils present in the refrigerant. If the unit is low or empty of refrigerant, you can have it filled up with more. In case there’s a leak, an Aire One Peel technician may be able to repair the coil for you.
  • Faulty Thermostat
    A thermostat plays a significant role in the functioning of an air conditioner. It controls the unit and adjusts the temperature. If you notice that your unit is not turning on and off or not going up to the right temperature, get your thermostat inspected and repaired by an Aire One Peel technician.
  • Maintenance Issues
    Every appliance needs proper cleaning and maintenance to perform like new. Dirt and grime build up can drastically affect the performance of an air conditioner and also result in inefficiency and higher utility bills. It’s advised to schedule a regular AC maintenance check to prevent breakdown.

So, these are the top causes that may lead to a failing AC unit. There are a lot of other reasons that you must be aware of to make sure your air conditioner keeps exhibiting cool air throughout the summers. If you are facing any sort of HVAC issues, feel free to schedule a repair from our technicians.

3 Signs Your Old AC Needs A Replacement

A faulty air conditioner is something nobody wants to deal with, especially on a hot summer day. Though sudden faults or breakdowns can occur anytime, in the majority of cases, an AC fault can be avoided by getting it inspected periodically. By scheduling an air conditioner inspection by the experts at Aire One Peel, the time to get it replaced or repaired can be predicted.

Like other appliances, air conditioners tend to lose their efficiency over time and need to be replaced to match the energy standards.

Some noticeable signs to look for are:

  • There’s Not Enough Cooling
    If you notice that your rooms are no longer cooling like the way they used to, even after getting it maintained by professionals, it’s a sure sign your AC is ageing. The best thing to do is, set the thermostat to the coolest level for the time being and plan to get the air conditioner replaced with a modern one.
  • There’s A Lot Of Noise
    An unfamiliar noise coming from an air conditioner is actually an indicator of an underlying problem. In most cases, ACs that are old enough or have been previously repaired several times start exhibiting high pitched sounds. Since the solution to the problem is usually temporary, it is better to get the unit replaced by professionals.
  • The Energy Bills Are High
    A weak airflow, an ageing unit, and an inefficient air conditioner is likely to consume more energy and power to perform. This can significantly increase your utility costs or electric bills. Instead of paying a high bill every month, the best option is to get an old or inefficient air conditioner replaced with a new one with the latest configuration and energy standards.

A new AC can save you money in the long run, both in the matter of performance and repairs. If you want to install a new AC or need to get an existing one repaired, look no further than our repair technicians at Aire One Peel.