Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air? Look For These Trigger Signs

Nothing can provide better comfort and convenience on a hot day other than an air conditioner. But, what if you turn on the AC and it starts blowing warm air? This may be an alarm sign that your unit is not in proper shape and needs to be inspected by a professional. The triggers responsible for blowing warm air are:

  • Thermostat Problem
    If your AC is blowing warm air, a thermostat is the first element to be examined. Turn it off and turn it on again and again. If this results in no difference, it’s time to call an AC repair technician at Aire One Peel.
  • Low Refrigerant
    Refrigerant absorbs the heat and helps keep the air cool and crisp. If the refrigerant is low, the condenser won’t be able to cool down any more air, thereby blowing out the hot air. Should you suspect that the refrigerant levels are low, call a technician right away.
  • Dirty Coils
    Both evaporator and condenser coils play a role in keeping the warm air away. If there is any dust or debris stuck in the coils, the flow of the warm air that is needed to be pushed out will get obstructed or may even bounce back, resulting in warm airflow. The best option is to schedule an air conditioner cleaning service by professionals.
  • Electrical Issues
    Air conditioning units require high voltage and a lot of power to operate. If your circuit breaker blows off or starts malfunctioning, the AC will stop working. Since your unit won’t be able to process the cold air, it will exhibit hot and warm air. To prevent this problem, keep inspecting the circuit breaker at periodic intervals.

So, stated above are some of the trigger points that may cause your air conditioner to malfunction and blow out hot air. To avoid this problem, it’s important to schedule proper AC maintenance and repair from technicians at Aire One Peel.

3 Hidden Causes Behind A Failed Air Conditioning Unit

Just like all other appliances, air conditioning units are the ones that often fail when they are needed the most. The common time when these units often fail or breakdown is in the summer months. Though there can be many reasons behind it, neglecting maintenance and ignoring the repair signs are the ones that are to be blamed the most.

At Aire One Peel, our team doesn’t want homeowners to deal with this inconvenience and encourages them to keep aware of the potential signs to look for in a failing AC. Listed below are some top causes:

  • Refrigerant Problems
    When an air conditioner no longer releases cold air, the reasons may be the leaking or malfunctioning coils present in the refrigerant. If the unit is low or empty of refrigerant, you can have it filled up with more. In case there’s a leak, an Aire One Peel technician may be able to repair the coil for you.
  • Faulty Thermostat
    A thermostat plays a significant role in the functioning of an air conditioner. It controls the unit and adjusts the temperature. If you notice that your unit is not turning on and off or not going up to the right temperature, get your thermostat inspected and repaired by an Aire One Peel technician.
  • Maintenance Issues
    Every appliance needs proper cleaning and maintenance to perform like new. Dirt and grime build up can drastically affect the performance of an air conditioner and also result in inefficiency and higher utility bills. It’s advised to schedule a regular AC maintenance check to prevent breakdown.

So, these are the top causes that may lead to a failing AC unit. There are a lot of other reasons that you must be aware of to make sure your air conditioner keeps exhibiting cool air throughout the summers. If you are facing any sort of HVAC issues, feel free to schedule a repair from our technicians.

3 Signs Your Old AC Needs A Replacement

A faulty air conditioner is something nobody wants to deal with, especially on a hot summer day. Though sudden faults or breakdowns can occur anytime, in the majority of cases, an AC fault can be avoided by getting it inspected periodically. By scheduling an air conditioner inspection by the experts at Aire One Peel, the time to get it replaced or repaired can be predicted.

Like other appliances, air conditioners tend to lose their efficiency over time and need to be replaced to match the energy standards.

Some noticeable signs to look for are:

  • There’s Not Enough Cooling
    If you notice that your rooms are no longer cooling like the way they used to, even after getting it maintained by professionals, it’s a sure sign your AC is ageing. The best thing to do is, set the thermostat to the coolest level for the time being and plan to get the air conditioner replaced with a modern one.
  • There’s A Lot Of Noise
    An unfamiliar noise coming from an air conditioner is actually an indicator of an underlying problem. In most cases, ACs that are old enough or have been previously repaired several times start exhibiting high pitched sounds. Since the solution to the problem is usually temporary, it is better to get the unit replaced by professionals.
  • The Energy Bills Are High
    A weak airflow, an ageing unit, and an inefficient air conditioner is likely to consume more energy and power to perform. This can significantly increase your utility costs or electric bills. Instead of paying a high bill every month, the best option is to get an old or inefficient air conditioner replaced with a new one with the latest configuration and energy standards.

A new AC can save you money in the long run, both in the matter of performance and repairs. If you want to install a new AC or need to get an existing one repaired, look no further than our repair technicians at Aire One Peel.

Indications That Your Air Conditioner Needs a Repair

The worst thing that can happen to your AC is that it shuts down on the hottest day of the year. As such, it’s important to be aware of the little signs that we tend to overlook, which may be indicative of an AC repair.

Here are the primary indications that your AC needs repair services.

Water Leakage
You may now and again see that water droplets are either trickling from the evaporator coil which sits above the furnace, or pooling around the base of the furnace. This can occur if the AC drain line has a blockage or if the evaporator coil is freezing up.

Not Cooling Properly

More often than not, we know when the cooling unit quits cooling appropriately. Your AC unit could be working, however there is no cool air emerging from the vents or it takes much too long to cool the room.

By and large, when a cooling unit can chill off the temperature to the ideal climate on the thermostat, the compressor turns itself off. This is known as a cycle. Presently, if you feel that your cooling unit has been turning here and there now and again, this may mean an issue, as your AC may be short cycling.

Strange Noises
It sounds like banging, clicking, murmuring, screeching, and so on. For instance, a banging sound happens if there is a wrecked part inside, or now and again, your blower may require substitution. Likewise, squeaking sound, by and large, occurs when the blower or the fan has begun failing.

Are you looking for expert AC repair services in Mississauga? Aire One Peel is the ideal place to count on. Give us a call right away to book specialist repair services.

Considerations Before You Lease or Buy a Furnace

Are you planning to purchase or rent a furnace for your place? Let’s discover the significant considerations before you buy or lease a furnace. Here you go!

Output Capacity

While it might appear to be that the more BTUs a furnace puts out, the better it is for you, this isn’t the situation. Before buying another furnace, consider the zone you need warming. On the off chance that you purchase a furnace with a lot higher yield than you need, it won’t work as effectively – it might put more wear on segment parts, wear out sooner, squander energy and can affect your home solace by making awkward hot and cold spots in your home.

Establishment Quality – Pick Specialists You Can Trust
The furnace brand you purchase is significant, certainly. However, it’s just essential for the story. Your furnace establishment can incredibly influence the exhibition and dependability of your hardware. That is the reason utilizing an accomplished, guaranteed expert to introduce your new warming framework is practically significant. In that case, you must count on a vendor such as Aire One Peel, who can assist you with the superior quality of furnace leasing and buying services at the most affordable prices. Visit our website today to get started!

Why is a Furnace Service Important?

The furnace is the one thing that makes you comfortable at your place in those snowy seasons. Every winter, the furnace delivers warm, soothing air of heat that makes your house temperature suitable for everyone. To maintain that temperature and last those soft waves of heat long, you should go for routine furnace services. Regular maintenance and service are the keys to keep your furnace long last and make you more comfortable.

If you ignore the regular maintenance and service, this will increase your bills and even discomfort. This will damage the furnace component and make it work harder and then leads to shutting down eventually.

Why is a Furnace Service Important?

The dirt, dust or moisture, and the airborne elements from everyday household items can build up on internal components of the furnace and cause corrosion within the instrument. If these things are ignored for a long time, this will lead to loss of efficiency or even breakdown of the furnace. Regular maintenance of the furnace will increase the life span by minimizing many issues like dirt, debris sticking at air filters. A routine inspection allows your service provider to supervise the long-term problem and take proactive steps in preventing the breakdown of the furnace. The monthly or annual furnace service comes under warranty.

What are the Things to Expect During Furnace Service?

The furnace services may vary from dealer to dealer. It depends upon the plan you took for the services and what things are included under warranty. There are steps to follow during furnace service, which are:

  1. Check or clean the filters.
  2. Check whether the thermostat is working correctly or needs any replacement.
  3. Checking for the heating temperature from both return air ducts and the supply duct ensures the furnace works under proper parameters. Also, examine the burned wires or any high-temperature problem.
  4. Proper check and clean the burner, igniter in the combustion chamber.
  5. Proper check the heat exchanger, any cracks, holes leakage.
  6. Clean and examine blower and blower motor.

These are the basic things a service provider will expect to do. After all, the service provider will provide a written summary of the examination. Do you require to get services for the furnace? Talk Aire One Peel now for the most reliable installation, repair, and maintenance at your premises.

When Did You Require Replacing Your Furnace?

If we talk about offices, houses, building furnaces plays a vital role. The furnace will ensure you will stay or relax in a suitable and calm environment with the proper temperature. Places with more snow, ice will require a furnace as the main instrument. So at the time of replacement, we should be aware of when the furnace needs a replacement or just a repair.

When Did You Require Replacing Your Furnace?

Here is terrible news; Furnace will never last forever. The life of the furnace can last from 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Under correct supervision, the furnace will work properly without giving you much pain.

But there are points to consider when your furnace replacement is required. These points are:

  1. The furnace will start blowing cold air
  2. The furnace is old
  3. The energy consumed is increased
  4. Very frequently, it breaks down
  5. No proper heating
  6. Your furnace requires constant repair
  7. You may hear weird sounds
  8. Furnace change its flame colour

If you face these problems, you must check your furnace with Aire One Peel for the best recommendation and service.

What are the Benefits of Furnace Replacement?

If you have an older furnace taking away a lot of money from your pocket, you need to replace your furnace immediately.

These benefits of replacing furnace are:

  1. The older furnace will increase the pollution, so it will be useful to replace it as soon as possible.
  2. While suffering from an older furnace, you may feel irritated, unwell, and even the comfort of your home.
  3. As older furnaces require frequent repairs that may affect your pocket more frequently. At a certain level, you should think of replacing it and get free from routine maintenance.
  4. The new furnace will provide you with good air quality, which was somehow decreased from the older one.
  5. An older furnace will require more energy to consume and to work correctly. This thing will become a burden on your pocket, and hence your energy bills will increase eventually. So it is a better choice to replace the furnace with a new one.

These are the primary benefits of furnace replacement. Thinking of replacing your furnace, then feel free to contact Aire One Peel.

What Are The Signs That Furnace Repair Services Need?

Are you staying in cold areas and in between your comfort zone, your furnace said goodbye to you? You feel stuck and feel extreme chills. Let’s check out how your furnace is doing.

The furnace is the source of heat that maintains your room, house, and building’s temperature. On the other hand, you can say the furnace is a heater or boiler. But dealing with a furnace is more important as it requires more attention and proper maintenance.

What Are The Signs That Furnace Repair Services Need?

A furnace is a considerable investment, whether it is short-term or long-term. The maintenance of the furnace requires more attention. Here we discuss some signs that state your furnace needs a repair service.

  • High Bills: Have a look at your heating bills. If you notice a spike in your bills, then you must check your furnace. As your furnace is one of the more significant energy consumers at your home, it automatically consumes more power to maintain the house’s temperature if your furnace is damaged.
  • Weird Noises: If your furnace is deteriorating, then you may hear some odd noises. You may listen to noises like grinding, scratching—these noises due to the mechanical failure in your furnace.
  • Decrease in Indoor Air Quality: Every furnace has an inbuilt air filter. Air filters prevent dust and pollutants from entering your home. If you feel your in-house air quality has decreased somehow, then you must check your furnace. Your furnace needs repair services.
  • The Furnace is Not Starting:This means no light or power to the stove. In this, you may have complications like trouble with the transformer, thermostat, control board, and other things.
  • The Motor is Not Working: In this, you may hear the sounds like squeaks or squeals coming from the engine. In this case, you need to contact Furnace repair services immediately.

All these signs are more easily noticeable by anyone. If you face any of these problems, please contact Aire One Peel and check your furnace before facing more troubles. Contact Aire One Peel today to get the professional services- repair or installation.

Which is Better- Rent or Buy a Water Heater

Nobody wants to take a bath or perform any house chores in chill water during the winter season. Everyone prefers to have some warm or hot water, so this makes their tasks easy to achieve. But somewhere, this makes it difficult to decide whether to rent or buy a water heater.

Buying and renting will be a question of habit, and one cannot say accurately that buying is better than renting or vice versa. All this depends on your finances, regular use of a water heater, how many members are in the family, what amount of water is used regularly and many more things.

In this blog, you will know about the pros and cons of buying or renting a water heater.

  1. Cost: When you are thinking of buying a water heater, then the first thing that comes up is the price and when it goes to the end. Purchasing a water heater may disturb your budget for a few months, which will end very soon.
  2. Maintenance: If you rent a water heater, the renting company will visit when you face trouble with the water heater. On the other hand, if you own a water heater, you get to choose the maintenance plan for your water heater, and then you don’t need to worry about maintenance anymore. They will provide you monthly inspections for the heater, checking the thermostat, and other things that you will miss out on if you opt to rent a water heater.
  3. Warranty: Whenever going to buy any new thing or appliances, you must check for the warranty period. Under warranty, they take care of the maintenance and repair of the water heater by the company if something goes wrong.

Most decisions in life considering buying or renting anything all depend upon the money. By buying a water heater, it provides stability as payment rates never go up. Once the water heater’s payment is made, you are no longer obligated to make further monthly payments. While going to rent a water heater, you may face complicated rental contracts that are hard to understand.

Looking to Rent or Buy a Furnace For Your House?

Winter can be beautiful if you have all the necessary things along with you. Are you living in a snowy area or cold area, then you must prepare with the heating furnace.

The furnace will help you with maintaining the temperature of your house. Then thinking of rent or buying a furnace. Through this blog, you will understand the basic things that need to be remembered before renting or buy a furnace.

Buying a furnace will be costly and stressful but dealing with financial constraints, you want to rent a furnace. Somewhere this will be a good option instead of buying a new furnace.

Rent a Furnace

Companies will provide regular maintenance and proper repair for the furnace when required. The cost of maintenance and repair comes under rental expenses. The rental costs will be deducted at a particular time until you use that furnace. For the initial, renting a furnace could be beneficial, as the monthly payments are low. The renting furnace will not disturb your finances as it is minimal.

Buy a Furnace

Buying a Furnace will be considered an investment in the long term. In case you want to sell your house or rent your home, the furnace includes a place that will increase the value, and you will benefit from it. Another reason you consider buying a furnace is cost and time. Renting furnace costs go until you don’t want to use it, and here you get nothing after some time. But the purchasing furnace amount will end soon, and here you have one more thing included at your house.

Here are some things that you should consider before buying or renting a furnace. The furnace could be your money saver or can disturb your budget. First, figure out what furnace you want and at what warranties they are available around your locality. If you are tight with money, then find the best or good quality furnace for rent. In case you have enough money and find out the best furnace for your house, then go and get it.