Things You Should Avoid To Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe

The summer season is almost starting. It is the time when homeowners start searching for a new or replacement cooling system for their house. On the hottest days of this season, a cooling system in your house is a device that will keep you and your family members cool and make you feel comfortable.

By keeping the system in good working condition, you will increase its efficiency and health as well. To enjoy the coolest days during the summer season, it is crucial to avoid a few common mistakes when you are using the air conditioner. Let’s have a look at the mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not Buying The Proper Size: When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, many homeowners do not give attention to small things such as the size of the unit. If you are buying a bigger size, it will consume lots of power, leading to high power consumption. On the other hand, if it is small in size compared to your room, your space won’t be ready to get cool. As a result, you will not get the returns on your high investment.
  2. Avoiding The Change of AC Filter: The air conditioner filter is the main thing within the cooling system. Without these filters, you cannot imagine your system running smoothly. These filters are the same as the bike engine’s filter. Just like the filter of a motorbike engine, the air conditioner filters must be replaced with a new one.
  3. Running The System All The Time: Not only an air conditioner, if you overdo anything, but there are also chances that it’ll not offer you the most effective consequences. Whether it is your air conditioner or any other home appliance, there are rules to operate them and everyone has to follow them to get the best results. Because if you put the burden on the system, you may get a slighter return from the unit.
  4. Not Servicing The Unit: Service is very important to enjoy the coolest environment within your house. Servicing keeps your system up to date. If you avoid the service of the air conditioner, you will face undesirable outcomes.

If you want to provide the coolest environment to yourself and your loved ones, it is vital to keep your air conditioner in a healthy condition. If you have any queries or questions regarding your air conditioner, feel free to contact us at Aire One Peel.

Effective Ways To Save Energy And Money On Your Air Conditioner

Summer days are very sweaty and uncomfortable. During summertime, your air conditioner will be always on to get cool air and provide a comfortable environment for your loved ones. Because an air conditioner is the biggest power consumption appliance in your house, this can increase your power bill and can kill your wallet.

If you are one of them who are always looking for effective ways to improve and enhance the efficiency of your system and want to reduce utility bill costs, here are a few important tips that can help you.

  1. Set The Right Default Temperature: If you are living in an area where the average day temperature is always higher than 32°C, running your air conditioner on its default temperature is a good idea to save you money. Change your habit and try to set the temperature at 24°C instead of 18°C.
  2. Sealed Rooms & Shut Devices Save Power: Shutting the windows and doors is mandatory when it comes to an air conditioner. Make sure all the windows and doors are properly closed and also all windows are sealed. Pull the curtains and don’t allow the sun to enter your house or room.
  3. Fix Any Leaks In Your Attic: Leakage is the most irritating problem and also can cause lost efficiency. If you have a leakage problem in your home, the cool air of your house can move outside and the air conditioner operates longer than you think. It will lead to high energy bills
  4. Schedule Regular Maintenance: To enjoy the benefits of your air conditioner, regular maintenance and service of the system are crucial. After getting regular service of the system, you can lessen the cost of your power bill. A dirty system works hard to make your home cool during the summer season.

Running the AC during the hottest days of the year will increase your power cost. But by maintaining the system properly, you can save money on the energy bill. Don’t let your unit burn a hole in your pocket. For more information, you can make a call to Aire One Peel.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips: Making Sure Your AC is Ready for the Summer Heat

The winter season is almost over now. During the summer season, working air conditioners are very important in hot cities. These days are the time to think about getting your unit in tip-top condition. Things can turn into worse conditions if the air conditioner maintenance was not done for a long time. Maintenance and repair tasks are not as easy as you may think. To avoid expensive repair services, make a call to a professional at Aire One Peel.

  1. Keep Air Filters Clean: Is your cooling system broken down? Running the air conditioner with dirty air filters is the main reason for the breakdown. This can happen to anyone time and time again. That is why it is crucial to check the air filters of your unit every month. Our technicians will make it easy to change filters by assisting you.
  2. Check For Signs of Water Leaks: At the time of changing air filters, take a close look at the floor near your unit. Sometimes clogged drain pipes can cause water leaks on and around the system. It can lead to a breakdown problem. If you see a leakage issue, contact Aire One Peel today.
  3. Don’t Overload The Unit: It is a common mistake many homeowners do. If you overload the unit and it has to work harder than the design capacity, the unit uses more power to cool your house and it also can reduce the air conditioner’s lifespan.
  4. Replace The System If It Is Old: Old units are more fragile than new ones. Old air conditioners are not highly efficient systems. If you have an old system in your house, you can’t rely on it. To avoid any kind of breakdown, replace the system as soon as possible

Call A Licensed HVAC Technician

The best way to avoid malfunction is to properly check the air conditioner and prepare it for the hot summer season. Our experts at Aire One Peel are always here to assist you to make sure your air conditioner is in good working condition.

Eliminating Mold In Your AC- Will UV Light Work?

Did you hear that UV light can restrict and eliminate mold growth in air conditioning units? This is fortunately true that ultraviolet germicidal light in the AC coil works as a mold reduction strategy. In case you are allergic to mold, this light can turn out to be a boon for you.

If you are not aware of what ultraviolet germicidal lights are, here is a brief description of it. They are a form of devices that utilizes a popular disinfectant, i.e. UVC radiation to limit the spread of allergens and pathogens, including bacteria and viruses.

How Do They Work?

To track and prevent mold growth, UV germicidal lights emit a short wavelength light or radiation that kills the microorganisms by damaging their genetic structure. It not only works for bacteria and viruses but is also effective in killing the multiplying or reproducing cells of molds, thereby keeping a check on their growth.

As per studies conducted, UV germicidal lights are so effective that they can significantly reduce the percentage of mold and bacterial growth by up to 99%.

Also, getting the coils and ducts cleaned periodically can help in preventing humid and moist conditions that are perfect for the mold to multiply. At Aire One Peel, our HVAC technicians can install UV lights for AC system coils and drain pans.

Why Install Germicidal Lights?

When it comes to air conditioners, ultraviolet light can disinfect the air flowing through the ducts and the result is clean and healthy air. As the air passes through the AC, the light can kill all the unwanted microorganisms, mildew, and mold growth it carries.

Also, UV light plays a crucial role in maintaining the performance of an air conditioning unit along with preventing the multiplication of mold inside the ducts and coils. If you have these lights installed in your HVAC system, you are surely going to breathe healthy and clean indoor air.

Want to know more about germicidal lights? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to get them installed in your system.

Why Does the Air Conditioner Keep Freezing up?

So, does your AC keep freezing up? You might think that freezing up for the AC is good and that it will produce cold air. Unfortunately, that is not true. The AC works through a really controlled and refined temperature, pressure, and flow when it cools down the room. And if any one of these falls out of balance, then the refrigerant system that aids in cooling the air can get over clocked and freeze itself, and not even cool the air inside the home.

Now, a frozen AC will either blow warm air, cool air or nothing at all. Of course, you’re wondering if that is even true but we’re here to explore more about it in depth.

3 Reasons Why the AC freezes up
When the air has high humidity, then this only can worsen the freezing problem of the air conditioner. The ice starts to form on the coils and it gets insulated so that no air can reach them and they remain cold. This makes the melting of ice difficult. During monsoon seasons, this is a common phenomenon for house owners. Most of the air conditioners experience this because of the higher humidity levels.

Lack of Airflow
The most common reason for the air conditioner to freeze up is the lack of airflow. This can be caused due to a number of malfunctions- right from the blower motor dysfunction to the air intake. If the airflow stops inside the system and the compressor keeps on running, then the air conditioning unit starts to freeze up which only gets worse with time.

  • Collapsed Duct
  • Bad Blower Motor
  • Low Voltage to the Fan
  • Clogged Air Filter

Dust Blocking the Coils
Does your system or unit work without a filter? Then the issue could be a low-quality filter or that you are not changing the air filters often enough. That filter is between the dust home vent and the air conditioner itself. This helps in keeping the unit and the air inside clean. When it fills up with dust, it gets clogged. This restricts the airflow and reduces the efficiency of the coils from freezing.

Low on Refrigerant
Finally, the last reason is that that the AC is running low on refrigerant. How much refrigerant your air conditioner has determines the cooling of the system. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, then flashing occurs. The more the flashing, the more the ice accumulation in the system and it will freeze the copper pipes. So, maintain the levels of the refrigerant in your air conditioner.

What to do if there is ice on the outdoor unit?
Are you experiencing ice on your outdoor unit? If you see ice building up near the system units, then first, you need to switch off the thermostat. Do not ask for the cold air that is just not there. This will turn the compressor off and the refrigerant won’t stop getting colder.

Next, call up an air conditioner repair service immediately. This might be a little tricky situation for you to handle on your own. Contact the professionals of Aire One Peel today and get the service quickly.

3 Clear Hints That It Is Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Is your air conditioner causing troubles one after the other? It might need a repair or you might have to replace it. Aire One Peel can help you either way. But before that, we’ll help you to decide whether it needs to be replaced or not. See, every electrical appliance has its average lifespan. In the case of AC, it can easily last up to 15-20 years only if it has no major issues.
There are several factors on which it depends and the major one is time to time cleaning. Call our experts to get a quick cleaning done. Also, here are the hints through which you can get a clear idea that your air conditioner requires a replacement.

Breaking Down Frequently
If you are getting regular maintenance for your AC and still experiencing breakdowns, then it’s a major issue. It might be possible that when you bought it, you didn’t care about the brand. And now, frequent repairs will burn a hole in your pocket so it’s better to replace it. So this time, before buying a good air conditioner, you should contact Aire One Peel Heating and Cooling for the best advice. You won’t regret it.

Use of R-22 Freon
The federal government has phased out the production of Freon on January 1, 2020. This refrigerant can still be added to your a/c system but it’s very expensive. Eventually, you have to replace it with the current R410A refrigerant.

Higher Energy Bills
If your energy usage is quite regular, but your bill is rising without any noticeable change in consumption, then it’s time to get a new air conditioner. The inefficiency of your AC will result in regular repairs which are of course expensive and of no use.

Final Words
Don’t make any decision in haste. Give it a calm thought. Look for the signs and act accordingly. Aire One Peel Heating & Cooling has experts who can help you in installation and repair. Feel free to contact us.

Factors To Consider Before Installing A New Air Conditioner 

Nowadays, almost every house is bound to have at least one air conditioner. However, the type of AC you are buying depends upon the amount of money you are ready to spend and the size of the room you want the cooling to cover. Before you plan to buy a new air conditioner, we have explained some points to keep in mind.

Factors to Consider When Installing a New AC

Air conditioners can be classified into the following types depending upon their size and purpose:

  1. Central Air Conditioner
  2. Ductless Mini Split
  3. Window AC
  4. Portable AC
  5. Floor Mounted AC
  6. Hybrid / Dual Fuel AC
  7. Smart AC
  8. Geothermal AC

With so many options available, it becomes difficult to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. However, there are factors that will help you decide which type of AC is the best for your home. Consider the following:

  1. Budget: This is the primary factor when you want a new AC installed. You can select from a Window AC to a Geothermal AC depending upon the amount in your wallet. Different ACs are priced differently and provide varying functionalities. So choose wisely as per your requirements and budget.
  2. Energy Consumption: While purchasing a new AC, take into consideration the EER and the SEER ratings. The higher the rating, the better the AC’s energy consumption ratio and lower will be the utility costs or energy bills.
  3. Degree of Cooling: Look for an AC as per the area of your home or space of your room where you want to get it installed. This will help consume the least energy while cooling your home.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: An AC that is easy to maintain will have a better and a long life and save you with bucks on repair and maintenance service.


In the scorching heat of the summers, we all prefer to buy an AC that can keep our interior cool and maintain a better room temperature. However, it is upon us to select the best AC for our home that provides relief from the scorching heat, and is also not a burden on our wallet. Small homes can go for Smart ACs while bigger ones for Geothermal ACs.

Enjoy Your Summers!

4 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

An air conditioning system is a costly investment that keeps you cool and comfortable in the scorching summer months. Since it was idle for so long in the winter months, before switching it on the lirst hot day, it’s important to prepare it with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Not all AC maintenance tasks need to be performed by professionals. II’ you think you can clean and prepare your air conditioning unit on your own, here is a simple checklist to follow:

  • Clean or Replace the Filters
    Make sure your thermostat and AC unit are turned off. To start with, replace or clean the filter that might have got clogged over the time. By cleaning the filter, any clog or restricted airflow problem can be solved. II“ the air filter is damaged or hard to clean, get it replaced with a new one.
  • Check the Ductwork
    To prevent any escape of cool air, make sure there are no holes or leaks in the ductwork. Also, keep the seals intact. Preventive maintenance improves the airflow, prevents bad odor, and reduces the risk o1 mold growth in the duct.
  • Clean the Condenser and Coils
    Beiore starting your AC unit for the first time in the summer, clean out the condenser and coils. Any buildup of dust and debris on the condenser can suppress the airflow and diminish the cooling performance. With a low pressure air or cotton cloth, clean the coils to get rid o1’ the dust.
  • Clieclt the Coolant Lines
    Coolants are an important part of the condensers that run to the evaporator. While preparing an air conditioner, inspect the refrigerant lines, pipes or tubes to improve insulation and avoid any energy loss. Foam insulation tape can be used to cover the coolant lines.

Once you are done with this maintenance task, set the thei’irostat back to the cool level and get ready to enjoy cool air inside the house. If you don’t want to take any risk by maintaining an AC on your own, feel tree to call our professionals at Aire One Peel.

Effortless Ways for your AC Maintenance

Timely maintenance and service of your air conditioner expand their life by the request for a couple of years. At the point when you join that with the bringing down of vitality costs and expansion in unwavering quality, it becomes obvious why standard support of cair conditioner is so significant. Below I am sharing a few effortless ways for your air conditioner maintenance.

Clean From The Outside

Since an aspect of your air conditioner is left presented to outside components, it will in general amass a ton of garbage like earth, leaves, dead creepy crawlies and even grass clippings. If not focused on, this development can lessen the air conditioner’s ability and decline the wind stream.

Check All Wiring

Before you play out this progression, try to slice the force gracefully to the air conditioner. Presently eliminate your consolidating unit’s entrance board and check if there are any dissolved protections or consumed and broken wires. Find the contactor switch and check whether it shows an excess of pitting. Assuming this is the case, supplant it. Likewise, check for any free electrical associations all through.

Clear/Replace Air Filter

One of the most significant AC upkeep undertakings is to keep the air channel clean or supplant it when fundamental. You can clean the channel if your AC accompanies the reusable kind and if not, simply supplant it out and out. The recurrence with which you have to do this relies on where you live. Air conditioning’s in urban regions would require their air channel cleaned/supplanted more every now and again than their semi-urban or rustic partners. For the most part, when a month during summers and winters and once in two months during fall and spring sounds about right.

Check The Thermostat

One of the most significant things in any air conditioner support agenda, the indoor regulator is utilized to keep up the ideal temperature in your home. On the off chance that you are utilizing an old-style mechanical indoor regulator, realize that putting resources into a programmable indoor regulator is totally justified, despite all the trouble.

Want to learn more about AC maintenance or looking for professional services? Visit Aire One Heating & Cooling today!

Proven methods to improve air quality at home

The possibility of our homes being dirtied sounds startling, and it is, yet a ton of air contamination is ordinary and unavoidable, possibly turning into an issue when it isn’t paid attention to and is permitted to develop.

A few people may not encounter side effects at everything except that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all investigate our propensities in the home, particularly with regards to cleaning and ventilation. So, I am sharing a few tips that will definitely help you improve the air quality at your home.

Purchase recycled furniture over new

That new couch might be an extravagance yet it’s furtively delivering synthetic concoctions into your front room. Unpredictable natural mixes, known as VOCs, are the gases emitted by numerous textures, pastes and paints. They respond with daylight and synthetic concoctions in the environment to frame particulates that aggravate and harm our lungs.

Remember to tidy

Great quality vacuum cleaners are costly however they’re an incredible power against residue, dust and pet hair, all of which can rapidly develop and aggravate your respiratory framework. Vacuum as normally as possible, including underneath couches and beds.

Open the windows

It may sound clear yet keeping your airflow new is the least expensive and most straightforward approach to improve the air quality in your home.

Opening the windows during winter may appear to be unreasonable when you’re attempting to remain warm and get a good deal on focal warming yet it’s essential for giving oxygen access and nasties out, just as diminishing the dampness that dust vermin need to endure.

Look for some air purifier

Residue and dust particles can be infinitesimal. It’s near on difficult to clean something you can’t see. Enter the air purifier. The best air sanitizing machines trap and eliminate practically 100% of toxins by attracting filthy air, sifting it and delivering it back out into the room, much cleaner and fresher. Air purifiers can demonstrate especially supportive during the pinnacle roughage fever season and generally highlight LED shows that blaze green when the encompassing air is perfect. Some deliver negative particles into the air to help kill airborne infections and microscopic organisms.

To learn more about air cleaners and indoor air quality, connect with the experts at Aire One Heating & Cooling.